Elbzylinder Kradkultur.

Hamburgs Custom Riding Community.

Elbzylinder Kradkultur is the new community for cafe racer freaks, bobber brothers, scrambler sisters ,tracker fanatics and everybody else whos into the new custom motorcycle wave. Inspired by Wheels & Waves, The Distinguished Gentlemens Ride, Deus Ex Machina and many more we are a steady community that rides, wrenches and chills together to share their love for custom motorcycles. Our aim is to create both a local and virtual sense of custom culture around Hamburg. If you are interested, feel free to come to one out our meets. We always welcome new members!

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Our mission.

 Riding equal. Wrenching equal. Chilling equal.

Wrench Hamburg Cafe Racer

Wrench among equals!

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Rides Hamburg Cafe Racer

Ride among equals!

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BBQ Hamburg Cafe Racer

Chill out among equals! 

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Elbyzlinder Kradkultur  ist Hamburgs neue Community für Cafe Racer, Scrambler, Bratstyle, Tracker, Bobber und andere Custom Bikes. Wir fahren, schrauben und chillen zusammen und suchen immer neue Begeisterte die unsere Community bereichern!

Meldet Euch oder kommt bei einem unserer Treffen vorbei!


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