Our Culture.

Elbylinder Kradkutlurs aim is to bring like-minded petrolheads and their custom machines together and create a new sense of comradery. It evolved due to the lack of custom biker communities in and around Hamburg, so if you are desperate to finally

meet biking buddies, BBQ babes or wrenching (wo)men you came to the right place!

Wrench Hamburg Cafe Racer


Find out what we are currently wreching on and inspire yourself for future projects.

Ride Hamburg Cafe Racer


Find out about upcoming mutual rides and our riding guidelines.

Chill Hamburg Cafe Racer


Find out about planned events to meet up with other petrolheads and petrollettes.


Elbyzlinder Kradkultur  ist Hamburgs neue Community für Cafe Racer, Scrambler, Bratstyle, Tracker, Bobber und andere Custom Bikes. Wir fahren, schrauben und chillen zusammen und suchen immer neue Begeisterte die unsere Community bereichern!

Meldet Euch oder kommt bei einem unserer Treffen vorbei!


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