Wrenching made in Hamburg.

Wrenching together.

From Newbie to Custombuilder

We are always searching for people who like to wrench on their bike. Whatever bike it may be, we believe that every bike can be made even more beautiful by customizing it. To what extend is totally up to you.


WE are aiming to give everyone a better insight into the Custom Bikebuilding Scene in Hamburg by writing our blog. It is in German, but the pictures tell more than 100 words anyway. Feel welcome to check it out and leave your comments!

Wrenching Hamburg Cafe Racer


Elbyzlinder Kradkultur  ist Hamburgs neue Community für Cafe Racer, Scrambler, Bratstyle, Tracker, Bobber und andere Custom Bikes. Wir fahren, schrauben und chillen zusammen und suchen immer neue Begeisterte die unsere Community bereichern!

Meldet Euch oder kommt bei einem unserer Treffen vorbei!


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